Feeling stuck with your business? Need direct, honest, and practical advice? I offer coaching services for entrepreneurs and leaders to help them take their businesses and organizations to the next level.

How It Works

I will work directly with you and get straight to the point. We will work together to quickly identify what could be improved, suggest practical changes, and keep things moving forward. After each engagement, I’ll summarize our work in a report so you can be fully present in our meetings.


Virtual Strategy Session (90 min)


The virtual strategy session starts with a pre-work assignment to help us set goals and understand the key priorities for the meeting. This will be sent to you one week in advance of our session.

Strategy Session

The strategy session itself is a 90-minute Zoom call where we discuss the specific issue at hand, we consider various approaches to solve the problem, we decide on the best one, and we make an action plan to move forward.

You can take this call by yourself or invite your team members as needed.


I will write a brief report and wrap-up with key takeaways for your reference. This will be sent within one week of our session.

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Monthly Advising


All of my advising starts with a pre-work assignment to help you focus on your personal and professional goals. We’ll explore your motivations and set the stage for a successful advisory engagement. This assignment will be sent one week before your first session.

Kickoff Call

Our first kickoff call will help us outline your goals and deliver some quick immediate wins for you to use going forward.

Ongoing Advisory

We will have a 60-minute call every two weeks to discuss ongoing areas of interest, set new goals, and help you develop into a more effective leader.

Regular Reporting

Every month, I will write a brief confidential report with key takeaways for your use.

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Two-Day Strategy Retreat


The pre-work assignment for a strategy retreat will outline key areas for focus and will help us develop the agenda for the retreat. You are encouraged to collaborate with your management team when completing the pre-work assignment.

This assignment will be sent two weeks in advance of the retreat.

In-Person Strategy Retreat

We will meet somewhere in person (at your office or at an offsite location) and work closely together for two full days on your strategy and operations. We will both focus on the business at a high level and get into the small details as needed to keep things moving forward.

Wrap-Up Reporting

I will write a 6-8-page wrap-up report with key takeaways for your use. This report will be sent within two weeks of the retreat.

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Why work with me?

I have a broad set of experience across cultures, organizations, and sectors. I’ve worked in both fast-growing and legacy companies; I’ve worked with some of the US’s top educational leaders, and I’ve worked side-by-side with government agencies in multiple countries. I can translate between different groups in every type of organization and I provide a unique outsider perspective on how to align different groups of stakeholders to meet a goal, how to align your own mindset to achieve success, and how to identify the true root cause of business problems.

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