Process Audit and Improvements

Are you wondering:

  • Why do I feel so busy all the time?
  • How can I reduce bottlenecks in my business processes?
  • How can I communicate process changes to my team?

I can help your team members be more effective and efficient, so you can trust that your staff budget is being spent wisely. When I perform a process audit, I will:

  • Audit your existing processes to map dependencies and identify specific bottlenecks that are causing inefficiencies;
  • Propose improvements to these processes and help you implement them by creating clear operating procedures;
  • Communicate everything clearly using tools like MURAL and PowerPoint;
  • Help you define OKRs and other metrics to ensure your team is aligned towards success.

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Selected Experience:

Pharmaceutical Company (confidential), USA – Operational Analysis of Clinical Research Facilities

Challenge: My client was creating clinical research facilities and hired me to map and improve their operations.

My Impact: I was responsible for creating a map of the client’s operations.

  • First, I conducted interviews and did subject matter research to understand the context.
  • Next, I performed process mapping and communicated with all stakeholders to demonstrate to everyone how the different parts of the process worked.
  • Then I analyzed cycle times to calculate resource needs so they could plan and better optimize their operations.

Results: As a result, the subject matter experts were able to create better internal processes to minimize operating costs and increase performance of the research facilities.

eighty2i, LLC, USA – Process Mapping and Improvements.

Challenge: eighty2i was growing quickly and engaged me to optimize their internal processes.

My Impact: My goal was to identify areas for improvement of internal processes.

  • First, I conducted interviews of the relevant team members so I could understand their current processes and their goals for doing so.
  • Then I visually mapped out all of the workflows to demonstrate workloads, dependencies, and timing.
  • Finally, I proposed improvements to build slack in the system and make it more resilient to unexpected events while still maintaining the quality of output.

Results: As a result, several hours of employee time were saved every month and employees were less stressed.

Aswanet Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda – Process and OKR Creation and Communication.

Challenge: Aswanet was growing quickly and needed new processes to handle inbound interest.

My Impact: As the Chairman, my first task was to understand how my employees were handling different leads and propose a set of OKRs for the team to hit.

  • First, I interviewed my employees to understand how they were doing things.
  • Next, I compared their current process to best practices around turnaround time.
  • Then, I examined our business plan and mapped the employees’ tasks to different key outputs.
  • Finally, I set goals for each team member to help them stay focused and on track.

Results: As a result, the company was able to operate without my direct involvement and provide world-class service to its clients.

Andrew Mang LLC, USA – Process and OKR Creation

Challenge: When I started my own consultancy, I quickly realized I needed to optimize my own processes and set goals.

My Impact:

  • First, I mapped out the different areas of the business that needed ongoing attention, including sales, marketing, and accounting.
  • Next, I set weekly and monthly goals for each area and mapped out how much of my time would be required for each.
  • Then I hired some service providers to take care of some of those areas and worked with them to develop internal operating processes that reduce my overhead burden.

Results: As a result, I’m able to focus on client work and on the highest-leverage activities that help the business grow.