ESG and Sustainability

Are you wondering:

  • What are my biggest ESG risks?
  • How can I make my company more sustainable?
  • Is Is my ESG plan good enough?

I will help you incorporate ESG and sustainability into your organization. I will:

  • Identify key areas of ESG risk with your business and develop a register of material risks to be addressed;
  • Develop and refine your ESG policy in alignment with existing ESG frameworks;
  • Implement ESG projects within your organization and sensitize all stakeholders to the importance of ESG and sustainability;
  • Write your ESG report and develop a public relations strategy to maximize its impact.

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Selected Experience:

Inogen Alliance, USA – ESG Policy and Report Writing and Implementation

Challenge: Inogen Alliance leadership was excited to become an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) leader and wanted to turn that ambition into tangible results.

My Impact: My task was to help them take immediate and strategic action.

  • First, I interviewed their key stakeholders, and then performed a materiality assessment to develop priorities for their efforts.
  • Second, I developed specific public commitments and helped to create a new ESG committee on their Board.
  • Third, I launched their first ESG policy and helped them implement ESG principles with their partner organizations.
  • Finally, I worked with my team and the Marketing team to produce and publish their inaugural ESG report.

Results: The organization was able to leapfrog their competition from an ESG perspective and increase their inbound interest from ESG-focused prospects.

Inogen Alliance, USA – Blog Writing about Sustainability

Challenge: Inogen Alliance has many knowledgeable sustainability professionals, and they needed to demonstrate thought leadership.

My Impact: My task was to understand the client’s point of view on sustainability in terms of both public commitments and employee perspective. I also had to recommend a way to communicate that to all stakeholders.

  • First, I interviewed key members of the executive team and the marketing department.
  • Second, I looked at how the entire organization fit into the global movement towards sustainability.
  • Finally, I developed a positioning strategy and recommended a powerful mix of new content for blog and social media campaigns going forward.

Results: In the year following the launch of the new messaging, inbound leads on their website doubled.

Kigali Parents School, Kigali, Rwanda – Groundwater Study

Challenge: A school in Kigali was struggling with an unreliable water supply that would shut off for several days every week.

My Impact: They hired my team to identify groundwater sources on their property and advise on the feasibility of constructing their own well.

  • I managed the project with my local team, including ensuring that out-of-country technical experts were able to work effectively.
  • I also ensured that project quality was up to our high standards and that the client was invoiced promptly.

Results: As a result, the client was able to identify feasible groundwater sources for further development into their own private water source.

Mataba Mixed Modern Farm, Kigali, Rwanda – Groundwater Study and Water Risk Analysis

Challenge: A team of international investors and entrepreneurs in Rwanda were planning a significant investment in a mixed-use, tech-enabled farm, that was situated where piped water was not available.

My Impact: They hired me and my team to analyze the groundwater situation on their land, advise of their options, and manage future implementation of infrastructure.

  • We performed a detailed technical analysis of the land.
  • We then analyzed the social context of the surrounding area.
  • Finally, we presented our findings to the client and suggested next steps for project construction.

Results: Because of our work, the client was able to be confident moving forward with their investment and was able to appropriately mitigate risks to their local water supply.