Manufacturing Planning

Are you wondering:

  • How do my costs change under different future scenarios?
  • How big does my production facility need to be to meet our goals?
  • What is my projected revenue over the next 5 years?

I will help you understand the drivers of your business and plan effectively, including:

  • Building operational models to plan capital investment, headcount, etc.;
  • Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis to help you understand the impact of different scenarios on your business;
  • Budgeting and cost calculations.

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Selected Experience:

Pharmaceutical Company (confidential), USA – Manufacturing Plan and Operational Plan Rebuild

Challenge: A client was in a high growth arena and had successfully raised significant funding. Their team was overwhelmed and exhausted and struggled to understand what was involved in turning their ambitious vision into reality.

My Impact: My task was to validate and improve their operating model to improve their budgeting and forecasting processes.

  • I reverse-engineered their operational model and mapped out the drivers of their Capex and Op-ex calculations.
  • Several areas were identified for adjustment including revised assumptions and enhanced methodology.

Results: Working closely with leadership, I rebuilt the operational model saving over 300 million dollars in projected capital expenditures over the next 5 years.

Alternative Protein Company (confidential), USA – Techno-Economic Analysis and Cost Modeling

Challenge: A client was exploring different manufacturing options and hired me to calculate their capital and operating expenses.

My Impact: I had to quickly build a tool so the client could better understand their manufacturing cost drivers.

  • First, I reviewed their documentation to understand how their manufacturing process worked.
  • Then, I built a techno-economic model that calculated the impact of each parameter on their costs.
  • Finally, I summarized the results and built a calculator tool so the client could adjust the model easily.

Results: The client was able to move forward with manufacturing planning with confidence that they had a correct understanding of their business.

Aswanet, Kigali, Rwanda – Cost and Revenue Modeling

Challenge: We started Aswanet and quickly realized that we had lots of opportunity. As a co-founder, my task was to build cost and revenue models so we could predict our future.

My Impact: I had to build a model that was comprehensive and easy to understand.

  • First, I mapped out how many projects we were likely to win as the company grew.
  • Next, I calculated the revenue and costs for each different type of project and determined sensitivity around those things.
  • Finally, I compiled all of the information into a model that calculated our projected cashflow and revenue for the next 5 years.

Results: We were able to move forward with confidence that we were ready for the future and we had a clear set of assumptions to guide our future expansion.

Yext, USA – Supported FP&A and business planning processes

Challenge: Yext hired me post a significant financing round and needed to execute upon their growth ambitions.

My Impact: My task was to help them accurately plan for the future so they could budget properly.

  • First, I projected out the different revenue sources based on knowledge about the performance of our marketing channels.
  • Then I examined how much headcount was necessary for each channel, including sales, marketing, and other staff.
  • Finally, I combined this information into a comprehensive revenue model that was used to drive the budgeting process.

Results: Our efforts helped the company grow from 50 to 600+ employees during my 4-year tenure and the company enjoyed a robust and successful IPO.