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Thoughts on Design Improvements for COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Sites for Vulnerable Communities

Engineers often must think about the social aspects of the problems they are solving, and a mass vaccination site is a great example of a problem that combines process engineering, medicine, and social science. I volunteered at one such site in a low-income area last weekend as part of a program to support pop-up clinics […]

Impact Investing Priorities from World Water Week

World Water Week is a global water conference held annually in August which convenes stakeholders across the private sector, the nonprofit space, and governmental agencies to discuss many issues related to water. New technologies are highlighted, new policies are debated, and case studies from all around the world are analyzed.  This conference provides an interesting […]

5 Tips To Ensure Business Continuity and Resilience During A Dangerous Political Crisis

Last week, soldiers in Mali seized power from President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, setting off a regional crisis that sent shockwaves through African political circles. As of this writing, only a few lives have been lost, but the country has been suspended from the African Union and significant security restrictions have been imposed. This is just […]

What an Angry Mob Taught Me About Social Entrepreneurship

Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way, especially when you’re a so-called “social entrepreneur”. On the surface, social entrepreneurship is a laudable concept – the idea is that one can build a company or organization that solves a community problem while also being financially sustainable, and it seems like a win-win. After all, […]


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